We have come a long way in understanding the bicycle sharing system and the most important one is that bicycle sharing in India can be successfully run only if they become the government's own project!

Yes, Bicycle Sharing in India cannot thrive on outdoor advertisement money like in the case of European markets, it can only work when the Government owns the project and contracts out to companies like ours to implement it. Here's what is happening in China with this regards: http://thecityfix.com/blog/china-transportation-briefing-booming-public-bikes/

Hence, Team Cycle Chalao! will now onwards focus on making this happen, we are working with the local and public authorities to 
What are we doing right now?

1. We are searching for ''Indian Barclay's'' in the context of branding partner for bicycle sharing services. Please see here how Barclay's have encouraged bicycle sharing in London; or City Bank is doing it in NYC. 

We have a tight deadline to find the next big green brand of India! and Its 10th of July, 2012!

2. We share our experience and working knowledge with the 'Ministry of Urban Development', Government of India in preparation of a Public Bicycle Sharing Scheme for India.

3. We have STOPPED our operations in Mumbai till the 'Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation' supports us the way 'Pune Municipal Corporation' is doing so. We appreciate each one of the hundreds of enthusiastic calls and email requests for availing a bicycle on rent from us by Mumbaikars, but are extremely sorry we are unable to service such requests currently and DO NOT KNOW ANYONE ELSE providing such services, if you happen to know, please tell us!

4. We are preparing research reports on the need and viability of better bicycle infrastructure for Mumbai and will soon be meeting our local public representatives to establish 'Bicycle Service Centres’ and make space for 'Exclusive Bicycle Parking' across the city.

5. We are seeking donations from individuals / institutions for bicycle specific research and advocacy programmes. Please tell us if you or anyone you know can contribute!

Check this article on 'The happenings with the Indian Bike Sharing System:  http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report_pmcs-public-bicycle-project-back-on-track_1627994
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